GE Healthcare recently announced that it will resell Caradigm’s Single Sign-On and Context Management solutions in the United States, Canada, and specific EU countries to provide connectivity between GE’s Omnyx digital pathology platforms and designated anatomic pathology laboratory information systems (APLIS).

When pathologists diagnose cancers, they evaluate tissue in the context of a patient’s history, order more tests on the tissue if necessary, and deliver their findings to an oncologist. The oncologist then uses the pathologist’s report to determine the course of treatment. For pathologists, using the combination of Omnyx and APLIS software solutions to view whole-slide images and to render patient reports streamlines the completion of these tasks.

GE’s collaboration with Caradigm further streamlines the workflow of pathologists by using Caradigm’s Single Sign-On and Context Management software from its identity and access management (IAM) suite of products to connect the Omnyx platform and the APLIS, providing pathologists with quicker, more secure access to laboratory applications and patient data.

“Digital pathology will enable pathologists to collaborate with other clinicians and patients. This level of connectivity is essential to derive patient-centered care and efficiency,” says Mamar Gelaye, CEO of Omnyx. “Using Caradigm Single Sign-On and Context Management software in conjunction with Omnyx solutions, the pathologist will confidently be able to have the right access to the right application and the right data without interruption to their clinical workflow.”

Omnyx LLC is a joint venture of GE Healthcare and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) with locations in Pittsburgh, Penn, and Piscataway, NJ. The company has developed the OmnyxIDP solution, allowing pathology departments worldwide to move to an all-digital workflow. Their products include image acquisition devices, workflow software, and transformation consulting. Close collaboration with pathologists at UPMC and other institutions, along with the company’s relationship with GE Healthcare, allows Omnyx to focus its innovation on the needs of anatomic pathologists worldwide.

“Caradigm’s IAM products are designed exclusively to meet the complex needs of healthcare organizations challenged to make the right data available at the right time to the right caregivers,” says Sandy Murti, vice president of partnerships and alliances for Caradigm. “We’re excited to work with GE Healthcare and Omnyx to make it easier for pathologists to rapidly and securely access data as they provide care for cancer patients.”

In the United States, the Omnyx IDP is for in vitro diagnostic use for a specific clinical application, and is intended for research use only on other applications. For additional information visit Omnyx LLC.