Confocal laser scanning microscopes with Airyscan 2 from Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany, offer a new multiplex mode to deliver more information in less time.
With more options to fit imaging speeds and resolution to experimental needs, multiplex mode uses knowledge about the shape of the excitation laser spot and the location of single-area detector elements within the Zeiss Airyscan 2 detector to extract more spatial information—even during parallel pixel readout.

Having more spatial information allows bigger steps to be taken when sweeping the excitation laser over the field of view, improving achievable acquisition speeds. In fact, the large amount of spatial information captured in the pinhole plane allows the reconstruction of a final image with better resolution than the acquisition sampling.

The multiplex mode is available for the entire Zeiss LSM 9 family of instruments, including the Zeiss LSM 980, a flexible research platform with complementary multiphoton and superresolution capabilities; and the Zeiss LSM 900, a highly compact system that delivers image quality without complexity.

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Featured image: The Zeiss LSM 980. Photo courtesy Zeiss.