productThe Spot RT Slider digital camera is now offered bundled with new software, version 3.4, compatible with the new Mac OSX and Windows XP operating systems. The Spot RT Slider utilizes a Peltier cooled interline CCD array from Kodak to produce 12 bit images at 1600×1200 resolution. It produces a real time full screen display of the sample on the microscope stage for focusing and isolating areas of interest, and customizable image capture as quick and easy as the click of a mouse. The three shot technique employed by the camera samples red, green and blue at each pixel location, maximizing color fidelity for brightfield images. Simply moving the slide allows the capture of high sensitivity, low light fluorescence images. The 3.4 software included in the package provides predefined image setups, advanced editing and annotation, time lapse, calibration mark insertion, measurement, image archiving, report generation, and the new sequential image player. Twain compatibility and native drivers are also available for running the camera through third party software programs.
Diagnostic Instruments, Inc.
Keyword: microscope, digital camera