Karkinos Healthcare has begun using OptraSCAN’s high-performance digital pathology platform to enhance care for their patient population. The capabilities of this digital pathology platform help improve accessibility to healthcare and the distributed care model.

The demand for digital pathology has increased as healthcare institutions have struggled to overcome the challenges of the traditional care model of pathologists working in labs with physical microscopes. These workflow problems have been intensified by a shrinking pathologist population at the same time as biopsy rates have increased along with increased cancer screening options. Digital pathology facilitates remote consultations and second opinions to arrive at a diagnosis and initiate cancer treatment more rapidly.

“We plan to provide the best possible care to our patients and adoption of OptraSCAN digital pathology solution is an important step in that direction,” says Ajit Nambiar, MD,director & head, Pathology and Lab Medicine at Karkinos Healthcare. “OptraSCAN is a very capable solution provider, and we are very happy to partner with them.”

The synergies between the two organizations and potential efficiencies were echoed by Abhi Gholap, founder & CEO, OptraSCAN.

“Instant second opinions, remote reporting and permanent digital storage of patient slides are some of the benefits of digital pathology,” says Gholap. “We eagerly look forward to facilitating them for Karkinos Healthcare. OptraSCAN has seen increasing sales across the world as more organizations adopt their affordable products and services. With 250% growth in our year-to-year global sales revenues, OptraSCAN is a preferred vendor of many small to large laboratories and hospitals worldwide.”

Karkinos Healthcare is pioneering the Distributed Cancer Care Network model in India addressing clinical needs of cancer patients, with a focus on early detection of cancer. The company works with multiple healthcare institutions and professionals in the oncology ecosystem, successfully bringing care closer to patients backed by a robust technology platform.

The company is a member of National Cancer Grid, a group of more than 260 cancer focused institutions. Karkinos Healthcare is also setting up a Cancer Centre in Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS) premises at Imphal, in partnership with the Government of Manipur.

Featured image: Karkinos Healthcare Engages OptraSCAN Digital Pathology In its Mission of Personalized Cancer Care. Photo: OptraSCAN