Digital pathology solutions providers OptraSCAN and Inspirata Inc. have announced a partnership to allow pathology labs, healthcare networks, and hospitals to acquire digital pathology images without any upfront cost and display them within the Inspirata Dynamyx workflow solution. 

“We are excited to be working with Inspirata to support their mission to digitize and automate the entire oncologic pathology workflow,” says Abhi Gholap, founder of OptraSCAN. “Our on-demand scanning model will allow pathologists to digitize their slides without any capital cost.”

OptraSCAN’s partnership with Inspirata marks the latest extension to its affordable pay-per-use scanning devices. Shared Inspirata and OptraSCAN customers can now use native OptraSCAN image files from within Dynamyx. Facilitating slide digitization, the integration of OptraSCAN provides cloud-based whole-slide imaging systems with the flexibility to choose from 15-slide capacity to 480-slide capacity. The system is equipped for confocal, brightfield, fluorescence, and frozen-section applications.

“Inspirata is delighted to work with its friends at OptraSCAN to accelerate global adoption of digital pathology,” says Mark Lloyd, PhD, founder and executive vice president of Inspirata. “OptraSCAN’s status as an approved partner guarantees the seamless integration of its leading whole-slide image scanners with Inspirata’s Dynamyx digital pathology workflow software.”

Featured Image: OptraSCAN and Inspirata Inc. have announced a partnership allowing healthcare organizations to acquire and display digital pathology images within the Inspirata Dynamyx workflow solution. Photo: OptraSCAN and Inspirata