Leica BiosystemsTelepathology System
Features complete robotic control
The Aperio LV1 digital pathology system from Leica Biosystems Inc provides rapid, remote access for real-time review of glass slides. The system offers four-slide capacity and complete robotic control, permitting remote users to access live slides in less than 15 seconds and navigate like a conventional microscope. Users can take full control to change magnification, move in x, y, or z planes, or switch between slides. Users can also view up to 16 simultaneous fields of view, at different magnifications, for side-by-side comparison of specimens. For research use only.
Leica Biosystems Inc
(800) 248-0123; www.leicabiosystems.com

Philips IntelliSiteDigital Pathology Portfolio
Speeds consultation
The IntelliSite portfolio from Philips, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, can support a digital transformation that best fits users’ clinical requirements. The multifaceted offering features three core elements. The IntelliSite ultrafast scanner is a high-throughput brightfield slide scanner designed to accommodate current histopathology needs for routine use in high-volume labs and integrated pathology networks. The IntelliSite image management system improves the efficiency and effectiveness of pathology labs through an open and scalable design. The IntelliSite pathologist suite is a pathology case viewer, designed to help pathologists process cases as quickly as possible. It offers easy access to information and resources to enable better-informed decisionmaking.
(844) 757-0939; www.philips.com/digitalpathology

Omnyx DynamyxDigital Pathology Software
Integrates with a desktop scanner
Omnyx LLC, Pittsburgh, a joint venture of GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), has launched the next generation of its digital pathology software, Dynamyx. With its intuitive design and enhanced tools, the software aids clinicians in performing a variety of tasks and enables pathologists to adapt to a digital workflow. Further increasing user options, the Omnyx Dynamyx software can now be integrated with the desktop scanner from Objective Imaging, Kansasville, Wis, providing image viewing continuity through the use of the single Omnyx viewer. In addition to being suitable for smaller workspaces and remote collaboration, the scanner facilitates new applications for digital pathology, such as consultation, education, research, and small-use cases.
(412) 894-2100; www.omnyx.com

Case Allocation 1Anatomic Pathology LIS
Enables streamlined workflow
Sunquest Anatomic PowerPath, an anatomic pathology laboratory information system (LIS) from Sunquest Information Systems, Tucson, Ariz, was developed to offer maximum efficiency in specimen management, quality assurance, and turnaround times. PowerPath provides a case-centric view, allowing quick access to requisition data, case history, and billing information. The newest upgrade, version 10.2, is designed to streamline workflow and simplify the management of synoptic worksheets. Key developments include advanced accessioning, automatic case allocation, and enhanced synoptic reporting, resulting in faster turnaround times. PowerPath 10.2 also features expanded molecular interfacing, enabling labs to optimize their implementation of human papilloma virus testing guidelines.
Sunquest Information Systems
(520) 570-2000; www.sunquestinfo.com

NovoPath DashboardDigital Dashboard
Manages workflow in real time
The NovoPath dashboard from NovoPath, Princeton, NJ, is part of the company’s anatomic pathology laboratory information management system. The tool helps managers keep a finger on the pulse of the lab by providing real-time status of various lab department processes and workflow. Providing individual users with critical information available in graph or chart form, the dashboard can be used in a single-user setting or used to keep an entire department on track. Users may choose from predefined widgets, or can request widgets created to client specifications.
(877) 668-6123; www.novopath.com

Definiens Immunoprofiling PanelImmunoprofiling Panel
Rapidly screens tissue samples
Definiens, Munich, Germany, recently launched an immunoprofiling panel service to enable pharmaceutical companies, companion diagnostic developers, and academic research centers working in immunooncology to screen target biomarkers quickly and measure immune response. Users choose from a list of biomarkers, and the company immediately runs the selected samples through the panel to provide requisite immunoprofile data. The panel currently includes biomarkers CD3, CD4, CD8, CD20, CD68, CD163, CTLA-4, FoxP3, OX40, PD-1, and PD-L1.
(760) 893-8900; www.definiens.com

Path XL digital pathologyH&E Tumor Analysis Software
Features complex pattern recognition
PathXL, Belfast, Northern Ireland, recently received a patent for its TissueMark tumor analysis software, which performs automated detection and analysis of tumor cells on haematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained tissue sections. Using advanced imaging algorithms, the system provides three separate methods for tumor cell enumeration. The most recent patent describes how complex pattern recognition can be used to define tumor boundaries for macrodissection and improve preanalytical annotation for molecular diagnostics and next-generation sequencing in solid cancers. By recognizing tumor patterns in stained tissue samples, heatmaps can be used to map the tissue and determine the most important regions for tumor cell enrichment. For research use only.
(410) 420-7816; www.pathxl.com

Mikroscan SL5-2Precision Telepathology System
Sports dual-mode design
Mikroscan Technologies Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, has released the SL5, a real-time telepathology and whole-slide imaging system for use in anatomic pathology applications. A dual-mode design combines the flexibility of a remotely controlled robotic microscope and a fast whole-slide digital pathology system. Users interact with the actual glass slide from a distance and provide on-demand pathology whenever and wherever it is needed. The inclusion of five objectives ranging in magnification from 2x to 40x permits users to view specimens in their true magnification, preserving detail. Complete remote control of x-, y-, and z-objective magnification selection and contrast adjustments is included to further enhance the solution’s live capabilities. The live system incorporates a new snapshot tool to view, capture, and store images for further analysis or reports. A z-snap tool collects and stores real-time through-focus regions of interest, such as those found in cytopathology.
(844) 348-3400; www.mikroscan.com

Milestone Medical PrestoBenchtop Stainer
4-minute total staining turnaround time
The Presto from Milestone Medical, Kalamazoo, Mich, is a benchtop processor and stainer for high-quality frozen sections. The unit offers a standardized approach to slide processing, permitting users to immerse a rack with up to six slides for 60 seconds in preheated FineFix solution (37°C) for simultaneous specimen fixation, dehydration, and clearing. FineFix is a patented, formalin-free, ethanol-based solution for histological applications and molecular studies. Total staining turnaround time is 4 minutes. Full documentation enables updating of software and downloading of event logs through a USB port.
Milestone Medical
(866) 995-5300; www.milestonemedsrl.com

Optra Scan digital pathology scannerDigital Pathology Scanner System
20x and 40x magnification
Optra Scan, Sunnyvale, Calif, offers the Optra Scan, a compact, end-to-end digital pathology scanner system for effective acquisition, viewing, analysis, and management of digital slides and associated metadata. Converting glass slides into high-resolution e-images in 2–5 minutes, the unit supports scanning with 20x and 40x objectives. It offers a scalable slide-loading capacity of 1–120 slides. Other features include bar code recognition, case reconciliation, and an integrated image viewer.
Optra Scan
(408) 524-5300; optrascan.com

Visio Pharm Vis 6.0Digital Pathology Software
Faster processing speed
The Vis 6.0 from Visiopharm, Broomfield, Colo, is designed to deliver reproducible and accurate quantitative data that help to improve productivity in laboratories. Now equipped with new engine technology, the software features increased processing speed—up to six times faster than the previous version—for image analysis on scanned images of complex heterogeneous tumors. The software offers such tools as automated cell counting, HER2 analysis for targeted treatment, hotspot detection, and separation of stroma in complex tumors.
(877) 843-5268; www.visiopharm.com

Atlas Medical logoCoordinated Diagnostics Tool
Combines anatomic and clinical pathology reports
The physician portal, a coordinated diagnostics platform from Atlas Medical, Calabasas, Calif, supports multistage electronic orders and customized results delivery configurable by site and user preferences. Anatomic and clinical pathology reports can be combined and delivered even when the tests are performed and reported from different laboratory information or anatomic pathology systems. The portal also supports delivery of partials, finals, and critical or abnormal results according to physician preferences; results with embedded images and PDFs; and desired cumulative reports for inpatient, outpatient, and outreach results.
Atlas Medical
(800) 333-0070; atlasmedical.com

Xifin ProNetClinical Data Management System
Aggregates patient and diagnostic information
ProNet from Xifin Inc, San Diego, was developed to connect healthcare stakeholders with the tools they need to ensure patients get the best care at the lowest cost. Users are able to collaborate and communicate across departments, disciplines, and organizations in a cloud-based exchange of diagnostic images, clinical data, and other patient encounter information. The system aggregates and links patient and diagnostic information from iterative case reviews such as tumor boards. It also correlates results among disciplines to address areas of discordance to improve diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes. Aiming to promote collaboration and patient engagement, the system permits users to access comprehensive continuity of care documents with integrated radiology and pathology images.
(858) 793-5700; www.xifin.com

West Medica Vision Hema-MalariaMalaria Analyzer
Calculates parasitemia percentage
The Vision Hema malaria analyzer from West Medica, Perchtoldsdorf, Austria, automatically scans a blood smear and helps specialists to identify plasmodia. The system scans both thick and thin smear and creates a gallery of images that can be reviewed by the user. With the selected number of plasmodium, the system calculates parasitemia percentage, an indicator of parasitic content in blood. Using an embedded Jekel algorithm, a specialist identifies the type of plasmodium. Diagnosing malaria in accordance with World Health Organization standards, the analyzer features remote access and network capabilities, in addition to bidirectional integration with laboratory information systems.
West Medica
(416) 915-4245; malaria.wm-vision.com

BioGenex Xmatrx Nano 2Benchtop FISH System
Includes open system software
The Xmatrx Nano from BioGenex, Fremont, Calif, is part of the company’s eFISHiency portfolio of products, designed to maximize efficiency for automated fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) processing. The all-in-one, compact system is suited for FISH, in situ polymerase chain reaction, and in situ hybridization assays. For FISH applications, the user simply loads the selected slides, turns on the computer, pipettes the requisite microreagents, and views the slides. An intelligent short-message service alerts users to pipette microreagents manually. The unit is equipped with flexible open system software, enabling laboratory professionals to use reagents from other vendors. The system is registered with FDA as a Class I medical device for in vitro diagnostic use.
(800) 421-4149; biogenex.com

Technidata TDNexLabs_screenshotLaboratory Information System
Represents flagship product
Technidata, Montbonnot, France, recently launched its next-generation laboratory information system, TDNexLabs. As the flagship product of the company’s Livextens suite of products, the new system seeks to address challenges faced by the medical pathology sector—from the merging of technical platforms, escalating data volumes, and business intelligence, to evolving medical and regulatory requirements. The software offers users a real-time view of key indicators present on an interactive dashboard, along with advanced analytical and statistical tools. It is equipped with an audit system, along with document management and nonconformity management modules. The system is suited for such applications as biochemistry, hematology, immunology, serology, virology, and microbiology.
(855) 550-5705; www.technidata-web.com