Sectra, Linköping, Sweden, has signed a digital pathology contract with the Zuyderland Medical Center.

A digital pathology workflow makes it possible to access and share images and information among departments and hospitals. Storing, reviewing, and sharing digital pathology images increases efficiency in primary diagnosis and improves cancer care by facilitating the handling of complex cases.

With digital images of tissue samples instead of physical glass slides, pathologists gain instant access to current and historical images and related data as well as to digital tools for reviewing the images.

“When moving to full-scale digital pathology for primary diagnostics, it’s vital to select a solution that is stable, fast, and allows integration with the scanners and laboratory information system of our choice,” says Danny Goudkade, MD, pathologist at Zuyderland Medical Center. “Sectra’s digital pathology solution meets all these criteria. We already use Sectra’s solution for radiology and know that they are a great vendor to work with.”

The digital solution provides pathologists with assistance at critical decision points, such as grading or performing more precise measurements. It also enables image analysis, which in turn reduces variation and improves the precision of tasks such as cell counting. Digital access also facilitates second opinions, external reading resources, and specialist consultations, and it makes integrated diagnostics possible.

Sectra’s digital pathology solution will be integrated with Zuyderland’s laboratory information system. Such integration will provide pathologists with a complete overview of a patient’s history using a single application, and will enable workflow orchestration according to subspecialties, rules, and priorities.

The solution will handle approximately 35,000 examinations per year. The 7-year contract was signed in December 2019.

For more information, visit Sectra.