PathCentral, Irvine, Calif, introduces the PathCentral Pathology Network at—a comprehensive online information exchange and digital consultation forum.

The Network enables physicians to upload case files using digital images for pathologists to review and render critical consulting diagnoses on a global and a domestic real-time basis.

Consult Recipient Page“We envision that the PathCentral Pathology Network will help pathologists in various facets of their practice by freeing them up from their physical location and providing a venue to consult, collaborate, and connect to anywhere in the world,” says Jaye Connolly, CEO, PathCentral. “The Network not only enables us to electronically connect a broad base of users, it helps address the global shortage of highly qualified pathology consultants by bringing their expertise to all corners of the globe. As a truly open network, it will uniquely encourage participation and feedback from everyone who accesses it.”

In terms of scanning technology and imaging software, the Network is agnostic and designed to be nonexclusive—that is, open to all users regardless of location or consulting institution. The Network seeks to connect the world’s pathologists, incorporating tools from social media, making it an ideal forum for pathologists to send and perform consults, create connections, post information, share cases, ask questions, and expand professional relationships.

The core IT infrastructure in PathCentral’s cloud-hosted solutions for the pathology community—its Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Information Systems (APLIS)—is the backbone of almost every reference laboratory that offers remote review of cases via “tech only” testing. This technology, forged over the past 12 years, fueled development of the PathCentral Pathology Network. Today, it represents the industry’s first open, cloud-based platform, harnessing all the technologies of social media, digital imaging, and laboratory information system functionality under one virtual roof according to the company.

In January, China-based Kindstar Globalgene Technology Inc became the first international organization to sign on to the Network as a sender and a user. Through its participation, Kindstar will be able to access US pathologists and facilitate pathology consultations for more than 3,300 hospitals throughout China. Kindstar and its clients will gain access to hundreds of American pathologists at leading US medical institutions, including many of the top 50 cancer centers, delivering patient diagnoses to physicians in China via the cloud.

[Source: PathCentral]