Ventana Medical Systems Inc, a member of the Roche Group, have integrated the VIRTUOSO digital pathology software and VANTAGE workflow management solution, bringing workflow integration to the anatomic pathology lab. The VIRTUOSO-VANTAGE integration enables pathologists and lab managers to track the progress of a slide from preparation to digitization along with other critical slide information, giving the lab visibility into their processes to optimize lab workflow.

"In our continuing effort to further improve our comprehensive solution for the AP Lab, we asked pathologists and lab managers several key questions," explained Steve Burnell, PhD, lifecycle leader for advanced workflow. "How do you obtain feedback on slide quality from the pathologist? How do you ensure that cases reviewed are of the highest quality? How do you receive updates on the status of cases or urgent orders? The integration of VIRTUOSO with VANTAGE effectively answers these questions by providing complete visibility into key laboratory processes such as workflow events, case history, slide quality and slide processing."

With this integrated solution, pathologists using VIRTUOSO will be able to check the histology status of a pending slide, review the entire histology processing history of a slide, and provide image quality feedback to the histotechnologist for corrective action tracking. Lab managers using VANTAGE will be able to review the pathologist workflow of a case and run quality reports on digital slides.

With this integration, slide data is now seamlessly shared between VIRTUOSO and VANTAGE. This facilitates the exchange of information between pathologists and lab managers, resulting in improved communications and a more streamlined workflow while maintaining high quality. Workflow optimization is becoming increasingly important in modern pathology labs, particularly as lab professionals adopt digital pathology into their existing glass slide workflow.

Source: Ventana Medical Systems Inc