Flow cytometry instrumentation provider Cytek Biosciences, Vancouver, Canada, has unveiled the latest version of its Aurora advanced flow cytometry system. Featuring a unique combination of patent-pending innovations, the Aurora system is now available with five lasers, making it possible to visualize more than 30 colors from a single sample.
Cytek’s system provides ease of use, a high performance-to-price ratio, high design flexibility in experiments, and high-quality data. The company is quickly becoming the go-to flow cytometry source for scientists in immunology, immunooncology, leukemia and lymphoma labs, cancer stem cell research, and extracellular vesicle research.Key features of the lasers include:

  • No changing of optical filters.
  • Use of any fluorochromes excited by the onboard lasers.
  • Sensitivity redefined via state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Superb resolution of dim and rare populations.

The Aurora five-laser flow cytometer from Cytek Biosciences.

From a simple panel requiring one laser to an extremely large panel needing deep profiling, Cytek’s line of flow cytometers is designed to meet the diverse needs of scientists at any stage of research.

“Our unique approach to spectral flow cytometry puts us in the trenches right alongside our customers,” notes Wenbin Jiang, PhD, CEO of Cytek Biosciences. “Cytek is a nimble, solutions-oriented company that is committed to helping them accelerate their fields of research. We do this by being there for them—we are always willing to jump in and help solve any problems that arise. After all, when scientific research advances, we all win.”

For further information, visit Cytek Biosciences.