Streck today announces the introduction of CD4 Count, a new whole blood quality control for verifying the accuracy of the BD FACSCount™ flow cytometer. 

The easy-to-read CD4 Count assay includes absolute counts and percent positive ratios on the cellular populations of CD3, CD4 and CD8 T-lymphocytes. These parameters are used in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS patients.

In addition, CD4 Count’s two clinically-relevant levels of CD4 cells help clinicians evaluate the instrument’s ability to read both normal and depressed levels.

This product offers a 30-day open-vial stability, which allows labs to run the control every day, saving money over competitors’ controls with limited thermal openings. The 90-day closed-vial stability means fewer orders and reduced shipping costs.

Streck’s Interlaboratory Quality Control Program provides laboratories with a method to evaluate their instrument’s performance and compare their data to the assay as well as to peers using the same instrument and lot. STATS compiles instrument data in personalized, easy-to-read reports. An online option allows immediate access to current and archived reports. A variety of options for submitting data are available, including e-mail, fax or by mail. The STATS program is free of charge for all customers.