Over 1,000 automated health-screening units from Lectro-Med, Brockton, Mass, have been placed with businesses such as Blue Cross–Blue Shield, Stamford Police Dept, State Street Corp, Sanofi, and PegaSystems. Lectro-Med offers five health station models, including the new HealthBot, which reads the user’s blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and body mass index, and has Internet connectivity with secure data transfers and a printer. Users can retrieve and track their own records from any device. Employers can monitor employee progress, with the goal of motivating employees, encouraging them to see their doctor if indicated, and potentially reducing absenteeism and insurance premium costs.


Barry Kaye, Lectro-Med.

“Staying healthy isa lot more than an annual physical and a flu shot,” says Barry Kaye, head of Lectro-Med, which has placed the health screening stations in work sites, pharmacies, supermarkets, medical facilities, colleges, and health clubs. “Screening units are an effective, cost-efficient, and convenient way for employees to monitor their blood pressure and heart rate, especially when located in visible, high-traffic workplace locations.A health station is the most cost-effective tool in the area of proactive biometric screening.

“Employers report this ‘wellness benefit’ helps improve employee morale, increases productivity, reduces sick days, and better controls insurance premiums,” Kaye adds. “Employees appreciate the no-cost preventive health maintenance, blood pressure/heart rate monitoring, peace of mind, and improved health. Vital sign screenings can provide an early alert of health changes. Increasingly, forward-thinking employers are taking an aggressive, proactive approach so workers can monitor their vital signs that can lead to healthier, more productive lives, both in the workplace and at home.”

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