Sysmex America, Chicago, has launched the PS-10 flow cytometry sample preparation system in the North American market. The highly flexible PS-10 is designed to automate sample preparation for complex clinical laboratory tests and routine flow cytometry applications, and provides clinical labs a new level of workflow efficiency and standardization that supports confidence in test results.

In flow cytometry, microscopic particles are optically analyzed as they flow through the detection channels of the instrument. Sysmex uses flow cytometry technology in its hematology and urinalysis sediment analyzers. In clinical testing, flow cytometers are used mainly to diagnose leukemia, malignant lymphoma, and other blood diseases. They are also used to monitor immune function and to consider treatment methods for HIV patients. In addition to their use in clinical testing, flow cytometers are also used by pharmaceutical companies and universities to conduct research in cancer and regenerative medicine.

Ralph Taylor, Sysmex America.

Ralph Taylor, Sysmex America.

One of the most important but labor-intensive activities of clinical flow laboratories is sample preparation, which typically involves complicated and time-consuming manual operations such as dispensing samples and reagents, placing a burden on clinical laboratory technicians.

The PS-10 automates sample preparation, alleviating primary operational bottlenecks in busy clinical flow laboratories, as well as eliminating variability among different operators. The PS-10 also offers programmable sample preparation for antibody cocktailing and reduces the amount of manual transfer of samples performed by laboratory staff.

“By spending less time on preparation and more time on interpretation, our new PS-10 will help our customers leverage laboratory talent in a way that is both more impactful on patients and more satisfying for laboratory professionals,” says Ralph Taylor, chief executive officer of Sysmex America. “Specimen processing on the PS-10 is flexible enough to integrate with a laboratory’s existing standard operating procedures.”

With the North American launch of the PS-10, Sysmex aims to automate complicated and time-consuming sample preparation processes, thereby making testing more efficient, reducing the manual burden, and contributing to standardization. The company expects this solution will enable clinical laboratory technologists to concentrate on highly specialized activities such as test result analysis and diagnosis.

Key features of the PS-10 include:

  • Processing capacity of 48 daughter tubes per hour.
  • Load capability of up to 90 monoclonal antibody vials from different manufacturers.
  • Peltier-cooled area for Sysmex monoclonal antibodies.
  • Use of a dual probe for cap piercing and aliquoting.
  • Compatibility with multiple types of hemolytic reagents.
  • Two rotors to enable continuous workflow.

The PS-10 is now available in the United States and Canada. Laboratory professionals using the PS-10 can choose from a broad portfolio of reagents to create panels suited for their diagnostic needs. For more information, visit Sysmex America.