Sonoco_ThermoSafeReusable Polypropylene Container
Stores blood for a minimum of 12 hours
Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco, Arlington Heights, Ill, has released the Via blood transporter, for the transport and temporary storage of red blood cells and platelets. Constructed out of expanded polypropylene, the transporter is designed to withstand the rigors of hospital and blood bank environments. It features a bright red color for heightened visibility, a lightweight design, and an easy-to-clean interior and exterior. The unit maintains red blood cells at 1–6°C for 8 hours, and maintains blood product at 1–10°C for a minimum of 12 hours. It comes with PureTemp phase change material, which maintains strict temperature control and promotes efficient, safe, and compliant transport. Features include a front platelet pouch and affixed assembly instructions.
Sonoco ThermoSafe
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Thermo Fisher TSX seriesUltra-Low Temperature Freezer
Offers 600-box sample capacity
The Thermo Scientific TSX ultra-low temperature freezer from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, is designed to offer laboratories and biorepositories a greener solution, featuring natural refrigerants for lower environmental impact and higher cooling efficiency. It is equipped with unique V-Drive technology, designed to operate at a low speed to reduce energy consumption and maintain a uniform temperature when conditions are stable. When dealing with frequent door openings or when samples are added to the freezer, the control system detects the activity and increases the drive speed to bring temperatures quickly back to the set point. The V-Drive also helps limit sound output to 46 db(A). The freezer features water-blown foam insulation, which eliminates the off-gassing typical of urethane-insulated freezers, as well as a 600-box sample capacity, 1.06 m2 footprint, intuitive touchscreen interface, and on-board computer and USB port for data storage and exchange.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Thermo Fisher XBF40 freezerBlast Freezers
Delivers rapid cooling to –40°C
A new series of blast freezers from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, provides researchers with versatile and flexible sample preparation devices for use prior to cold storage. The Thermo Scientific XBF40 series of –40°C blast freezers are intended for rapid cooling during the sample preparation process, prior to freezer storage. Units are available in two options: the XBF40D-MD, designed for rapid plasma freezing, accommodates plasma bags, boxes, and bottles; while the XBF40D, for general-purpose applications, accommodates large loads and a variety of vessels such as carboys, bottles, racks with vials, and more. Designed to prepare samples properly for long-term storage and reduce stress on a sample storage freezer, XBF40 series freezers incorporate three separate compartments that enable users to freeze product rapidly at different points in time without jeopardizing the freeze profile of products already in the freezer.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Beckman PK7300Blood Banking System
Processes up to 300 samples per hour
The PK7300 blood banking system from Beckman Coulter Inc, Brea, Calif, incorporates all system controls and data management tools needed from introduction of samples to final results processes. Processing up to 300 samples per hour, the system monitors critical instrument processes with alarms and result invalidation for abnormal conditions. Features include true-positive sample identification with readings for sample and plate bar codes, including Information Standard for Blood and Transplant code 128 labels; random access testing for quality control samples; full online status information and data transfer; and customized test panels and sample reports. The system is also equipped with a color charged-coupled device camera, liquid level sensors, user-programmable reagent volumes, and integral rack feeders that accept 120 primary samples.
Beckman Coulter
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Siemens QuadrigaBeFreeInfectious Disease Testing System
Generates up to 3,000 results in 8 hours
The Quadriga BeFree system with Enzygnost enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, provides fully automated processing of microtitration plates and helps detect infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, human immunodeficiency virus, and others. Suited for blood donor screening and very high volume infectious disease diagnostics, the system can be integrated with up to two BEP III infectious disease testing systems and one sample processor. Various configurations make the Quadriga BeFree System flexible for use in labs with different volume needs. Features include the ability to load samples continuously in batch mode, automatic generation of up to 3,000 results in an 8-hour shift, and optimized sample-oriented pipetting. The system connects to any vendor’s laboratory information system through a universal interface.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
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HemoCue Hb301 systemPoint-of-Care Hemoglobin Screening System
Uses 10 ?L samples
HemoCue America, Brea, Calif, offers the HemoCue Hb 301 system, optimized for anemia screening in blood donation settings. Available with blood-based liquid controls, the system is designed with precise factory calibration against the International Council for Standardization in Haematology reference method. It features patented microcuvette technology with lot-to-lot reproducibility, and provides robust testing within a wide range of temperatures and humidity. It requires capillary, venous, or arterial whole blood samples of 10 ?L; has a measurement range of 0–25.6 g/dL; and has open-vial stability of 12 months. Results are delivered within 10 seconds. The product comes with a 3-year warranty.
HemoCue America
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Biosynergy HemoCoolReusable Gel Pack
Maintains temperatures
The HemoCool Gel-Pak from Biosynergy Inc, Elk Grove Village, Ill, is a reusable gel pack designed to help maintain whole blood temperatures during processing and transport. Within 12 minutes, blood bags removed from refrigeration can approach 6°C, a temperature of concern to AABB and FDA; within 30 minutes, bags can reach the transporting temperature limit of 10°C. HemoCool Gel-Pak can be used to assist in maintaining temperature of the blood bag while outside of the refrigerator during processing, including labeling and testing, as well as for transport. One box contains one gel pack. One case contains six gel packs.
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Helmer_UltraLow FreezerRefrigeration System
Equipped with intelligent monitoring
The Ultra-Low freezer from Helmer Scientific, Noblesville, Ind, includes design elements that provide a barrier against heat, an optimized refrigeration system, intelligent monitoring and diagnostic support, and serviceability. The company’s heat barrier system provides four levels of containment, combining an ice-resistant sealing surface with non-conductive materials to keep heat out, providing temperature uniformity, and reducing frost. It also aims to reduce the amount of heat transfer, provide a tighter closure to minimize changes in interior temperature during door openings, and provide a compressed sealing surface to prevent cold air leaks. The refrigeration system has been designed to optimize performance and protect its compressor, reducing run time. A built-in information center offers intelligent diagnostic information, temperature data, and integrated access control.
Helmer Scientific
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BioMerieux_BacT AlertAutomated Microbial Detection System
Detects bacteria, fungi, and yeasts
The BacT/Alert 3D system from bioMérieux, Marcy l’Etoile, France, offers immediate recognition of plastic blood culture bottles, providing users with control of bottle loading and unloading, and eliminating bottle handling errors during microbial detection testing. The latest generation of the system’s culture media seeks to provide rapid growth and detection technology for a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. The BacT/Alert 3D 60 handles an annual workload of up to 3,600 blood or body fluid culture bottles, or up to 500 mycobacteria tests. Offering the combination of bottle handling, quality control, and automated detection in a small footprint, the BacT/Alert 3D combination module integrates the system’s control and incubator modules while occupying just 20 inches of bench space.
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Wheaton CryoElite vialsTissue Vials
Feature 5 mL capacity
CryoElite tissue vials from Wheaton, Millville, NJ, are designed to promote safe, secure, and effective cryopreservation of biological tissue specimens. Offering a uniform vial that maintains sample integrity while maximizing storage capacity and organization, CryoElite tissue vials feature a wide-mouth opening, 5 mL capacity, and high integrity closure. Optional 2D data matrix barcode inserts provide a unique identifier for traceability. The format of the vials’ bottom offers an unrestricted view of the 2D barcode, convenient for automated scanning.
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