The SeroSpin® packages from HELMER include the EBA 21 centrifuge with a new angled control panel. The control panel is tipped to 40º, providing convenient access to controls and making it easier to see from the benchtop. The SeroSpin packages are available in two models: the SeroSpin-FA and SeroSpin-SO.
     The SeroSpin-FA includes a 12-place fixed angle rotor and can be used for cross matching and blood typing. The fixed angle rotor stands alone, and retainers hold tubes in place so that all tubes can be decanted at once. This package can be used for manual cell washing.
     The SeroSpin-SO includes a 12-place swing-out rotor and also is used for cross matching and blood typing. In addition, it can be used for coagulation applications, such as platelet-poor plasma. The swing-out rotor allows the user to drop in and remove multiple tubes at once.
     The SeroSpin accommodates 10/12 x 75 mm tubes, and run time is programmable in seconds and minutes. RPM and RCF are adjustable in increments of 10, and ramp-up and downtime is adjustable in levels 1 through 9. The centrifuge includes a brushless drive motor with a stainless steel chamber and metal housing. Additional controls are rotor recognition and speed control.

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