photoThe PP-Cap assay is a qualitative test for the detection of IgA antibodies to H. pylori in human serum or plasma.
     The assay is for use as a second-line test in the diagnosis of infection with H. pylori in adults with symptoms suggestive of gastrointestinal disease, but who may have tested negative for IgG antibodies to the bacterium.
     It should be performed and interpreted in conjunction with this company’s HM-Cap EIA for IgG antibodies to H. pylori. The PP-Cap assay utilizes a proprietary antigen and has a demonstrated sensitivity of 93% and a specificity of 89% when compared to the combined reference methods of the C13 urea breath test and the HM-Cap IgG EIA.
     The PP-Cap IgA EIA shares many features in common with the HM-Cap IgG EIA including 50-minute overall run time, sample and reagent volumes, incubation times, sample dilutions and diluent and wash solution. Both assays feature room temperature incubations, ready-to-use reagents and 93 patient-tests per kit in break-away microwell format.
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Keyword: h. pylori, EIA