Immudex, Virum, Denmark, has launched dCode Dextramer (RiO) reagents. These DNA barcoded MHC Dextramer reagents are designed to be compatible with the BD Rhapsody system to be used for multiplexing, allowing the identification of many different T-cell specificities in the same sample. Creating personalized dCode Dextramer libraries, it is possible to profile T cells and get a new understanding of T-cell immunity.

“At Immudex, we are working with a clear goal in mind, helping researchers worldwide to get a better understanding of cellular immunity,” says Liselotte Brix, CSO at Immudex. “The immune system is complex, and there is still a lot to be discovered. dCode Dextramer (RiO) technology combined with the BD Rhapsody single-cell multi-omic analysis provides a deeper understanding of T cell immunology in a user-friendly workflow by combining information on TCR recognition with gene and surface marker expression at the single-cell level. Such information helps unlock new insights into the immune response, accelerating basic research, immunotherapeutic development, and improving patient outcomes.”

The dCode Dextramer technology is an extremely sensitive method to directly detect disease-specific T cells based on TCR recognition and DNA barcode labels. Combining dCode technology with BD’s multi-omics solutions for immunology, researchers can obtain a full immunological profiling in one workflow and get the most of their experiments. 

dCode Dextramer (RiO) reagents are for research use only, not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, and have been manufactured by Immudex ApS. 

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Featured image: dCode Dextramer (RiO) identified EBV-positive T cells in a PBMC sample (left). The negative control dCode Dextramer did not detect any specific cells (right). (Courtesy: Immudex)