Shimadzu_LCMS-2020_CL 250The LCMS-2020 single quadrupole liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer from Shimadzu Corp, Columbia, Md, increases the speed and reliability of HPLC/UHPLC analysis, improving lab productivity. Recently developed Qarray ion optics offer high rates of sensitivity, repeatability, and linearity. New patent-pending technology achieves high ion transmission for rapid, high-resolution scanning at speeds up to 15,000 u/sec. Very narrow UFLC peaks can now be properly detected in scan mode acquisition. Rapid polarity switching between positive and negative ionization modes via a high-voltage power source also ensures that the sharp peaks of ultra high-speed liquid chromatography won’t be missed. Shimadzu has registered the LCMS-2020 with the FDA as a Class I medical device. For more information, visit Shimadzu Corp.