Seer, Redwood City, Calif, has signed a non-exclusive commercial agreement with Sciex, Framingham, Mass. This agreement will enable Seer to market Sciex mass spectrometry systems together with its Proteograph Product Suite. The companies say the combined product offering will enable labs of all types to combine highly sensitive mass spectrometry with unbiased, deep proteomics studies at scale, delivering new levels of insight, speed, and sensitivity. 

The Proteograph Product Suite comprises Seer’s proprietary engineered nanoparticles, consumables, an automation instrument, and software that enables proteomics studies with an unprecedented combination of speed, scale, depth and breadth of data. It is designed to be efficient and easy to use, and to accurately survey thousands of proteins with precision. 

The combination of the Proteograph Product Suite with Sciex systems provides new options for customers to add unbiased, deep proteomics analysis to their studies, allowing them to accelerate their research, and for existing proteomics labs to expand their application set.

“We are very excited to partner with Sciex to enable new possibilities in unbiased, deep, and rapid proteomics at scale,” says Omead Ostadan, president and chief operating officer at Seer. “By providing our customers with end-to-end workflows for large-scale proteomics studies, we are paving the way for labs to expand their proteomics discovery efforts. Our goal is to make it possible for labs of all types to add unbiased proteomics to their studies. Whether they want to add discovery to their targeted analysis, add proteomics data to genomics studies, or expand their omics repertoire, we are building the partnerships to make this happen faster.”

Dominic Gostick, vice president and general manager, LC/MS Business for Sciex, says “At Sciex it is a priority to drive innovation through what we learn with our customers. Their needs and applications push the absolute limits of what can be achieved with mass spectrometry technology. This partnership with Seer will continue to expand the boundaries of what’s possible in proteomics, and to open up new realms of biological insight.”

Seer and Sciex look forward to future collaborations, such as through establishing centers of excellence using both technologies, optimizing workflows for key applications, and aligning development efforts.

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