Summary: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduced the MALDI EasyCare solution for the MALDI-8000 Series TOF Mass Spectrometers, enabling users to perform routine maintenance themselves, thereby increasing uptime and reducing costs.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The MALDI EasyCare solution allows operators to easily remove, clean, and refit ion optics, addressing contamination issues that reduce instrument performance.
  2. The software wizard included with EasyCare automatically tunes deflectors and the detector, optimizing instrument performance.
  3. EasyCare-ready versions of the MALDI-8020 and MALDI-8030 can be upgraded through a software license activation, retaining the same mass resolution and sensitivity as previous models.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces its MALDI EasyCare solution that provides a convenient way for users of the MALDI-8000 Series TOF Mass Spectrometers to perform routine upkeep on the system. The MALDI EasyCare solution increases uptime and reduces costs because it enables operators to care for the system themselves without the need for service engineer maintenance calls.

Shimadzu’s EasyCare Solution

Shimadzu’s MALDI EasyCare solution specifically addresses the challenge of MALDI-TOF ion optics contamination, which reduces instrument performance. With the MALDI EasyCare solution, operators can easily remove, clean, and refit ion optics, the company says. The software wizard automatically tunes deflectors and the detector to optimize instrument performance. 

Shimadzu MALDI Instruments

Shimadzu benchtop MALDI instruments updated with the MALDI EasyCare solution retain the same performance as the previous models, ensuring a combination of mass resolution and sensitivity. Operators can easily upgrade EasyCare-ready versions of the MALDI-8020 and the dual-polarity MALDI-8030 through a software license activation.

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The MALDI EasyCare solution is ideal for running high shot number applications like MALDI imaging and more challenging applications using samples that rapidly contaminate instrument optics. MALDI EasyCare instruments are designed to operate more consistently for longer periods of time, resulting in improved performance continuity, the company says.

Photo: Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.