PerkinElmer Inc, Waltham, Mass, has announced the launch of its QSight 210 MD mass spectrometry system, a product designed to provide routine high-throughput quantitation to laboratories.

The QSight 210 MD system is suitable for use by clinical laboratories and includes tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) technology designed to enable laboratories to run hundreds of samples per day. As a mass spectrometer for clinical use, the system is intended to identify organic or inorganic compounds in human specimens by ionizing the compound of interest and separating the resulting ions by means of an electrical and magnetic field according to their mass.

With a variety of features, the instrument is designed to help lab professionals accommodate and process higher test volumes more efficiently. The new system is a medical device listed with FDA as a Class I, 510(k) exempt mass spectrometer for clinical use.

“Expanded testing with MS/MS instrumentation is occurring in 35 countries globally, and growing,” says Linh Hoang MD, PhD, vice president for neonatal screening at PerkinElmer. “Laboratories throughout the world continue to implement this technology to expand testing and to increase their productivity by running more samples in less time. Our new QSight 210 MD system enables us to offer customers more complete solutions.”

The QSight MD 210 system provides a complete workflow, from sample preparation to end result for maximized throughput. Its design features include:

  • Simplicity 3Q MD software: uses a simple three-step process to set up and run a method.
  • MS/MS workstation software: visual-based, database-oriented, for simplifying data review and analysis, and reducing errors.
  • StayClean source design: self-cleaning mechanism reduces downtime and eliminates daily maintenance.
  • Remote instrument diagnostics: to ensure optimal instrument use.

For more information, visit PerkinElmer.