PolarSafe EVAI ice buckets and pans from Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hill, Ill, are designed to meet benchtop chilling needs, especially cryogenic applications. They do not sweat or leak, so no puddles of condensation or cryogenic media will accumulate onto the workspace. The buckets and pans are made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), a thick non-toxic foam compatible with alcohol, dry ice, ice, liquid nitrogen, and saline solutions.

The ice buckets and pans also feature ergonomic handles on their bases and lids, making it possible to pick them up even when wearing cryogenic gloves. The buckets and pans are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and have pour spouts for ease of use and cleanup. Stackable construction provides compact storage.

Manufacturer Cole-Parmer is a global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies.

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