Glass laboratory bottles from DWK Life Sciences, Mainz, Germany, are made of the virtually inert Duran borosilicate glass 3.3, making them effective for storing sensitive substances and for APIs. However, particularly valuable or potentially hazardous media could benefit from the additional protection of the manufacturer’s protect safety-coated Duran laboratory bottles.

Duran Protect bottle fromDWK.

Duran Protect safety-coated bottle from DWK.

The bottles’ polyurethane coating makes them suitable for routine laboratory work. The protect coated bottles provide added safety for both the user and the contents. If a bottle is dropped, the tough external coating keeps glass pieces together to minimize shattering. The plastic coating is highly transparent so that the contents and printed volume graduations of the bottle are clearly visible. All protect safety-coated bottles are retrace coded for full manufacturing traceability.

Protect safety-coated Duran bottles are available in several varieties and capacities. In addition to a clear glass version, the protect coating is also available with an amber glass bottle. The amber color protects sensitive materials from light frequencies between 300 nm and 500 nm and conforms with the requirements of USP and EP (3.2.1).

The protect coating is available on the versatile GLS 80 wide-mouth bottles for simple filling and cleaning. The pressure- and vacuum-resistant Duran pressure plus bottles are also available with the protect safety coating.

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