MedTest Dx, Canton, Mich, a provider of clinical diagnostic tests, has launched an improved line of Clinitox calibrators and controls for confirmation of toxicology and drugs of abuse test results. The new product line offers laboratories a comprehensive, reliable, and customizable calibration and controls solution that is accurate and efficient, with extended shelf life and simplified documentation.
Confirmation testing is an essential part of the two-step process used for toxicology and drugs of abuse testing, a segment that has experienced substantial growth in recent years. Positive results from drug screening tests are typically retested using liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS), which confirms the initial results and provides additional information with high accuracy.


Wayne Brinster, MedTest Dx.

The improvements to the Clinitox calibrators and controls were the result of a “relentless focus” on asking what customers want, says Wayne Brinster, CEO of MedTest Dx. “This focus also led us to offer a complete turnkey solution to make drugs of abuse confirmation testing fast, easy, and accurate. By eliminating the need to acquire and set up materials, conduct multiple handling and measuring steps, and manage controls and certifications, we save our customers a great deal of time and money. These solutions are also customizable, enabling them to be tailored to a laboratory’s specific needs.”

The improved calibrators and controls are supplied in a ready-to-use liquid format that simplifiescalibration and quality control procedures. They can be fully customized to meet the unique needs of individual laboratories, taking into consideration specific testing requirements, LC/MS instrumentation, and sample matrices. Custom profiles can be easily edited or updated as needs change. The products come as single-use ampoules with batch and lot certifications.

The MedTest Dx Clinitox platform is a comprehensive turnkey system enabling labs to bring drugs of abuse confirmation testing in-house by increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Features include streamlined sample preparation, rapid implementation, certificates of analysis, and documentation for traceability.

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