photo The Heraeus HERAcell CO2 incubator has been FDA-cleared for in vitro fertilization (IVF).
     It provides an environment for the development of ova or embryos at or near body temperature. The incubator’s controlled temperature and elevated humidity provides stable culture conditions and protects against contamination.
      Its smooth inner chamber features rounded corners on all sides for easy cleaning. It has up to 50 percent less contamination-prone surface area than competitive incubators.
     The ContraCon 90ºC automatic decontamination routine eliminates contaminating micro-organisms, including mycoplasma. This can lead to advantages over HEPA-filter based systems that concentrate contamination on the filter surface inside the incubator. ContraCon ensures a constant surface temperature for the thorough decontamination of surfaces, fittings and sensors. Consistent culture conditions are achieved by an air jacket temperature control system and a TCD-CO2 sensor.
     The incubator is available in a stainless steel or fungicidal/bactericidal solid copper interior.
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