Adapters for the SORVALL® Legend™ T and RT tabletop centrifuges are available for processing cell-culture flasks. Several steps in the culturing of mammalian and other cell lines require centrifugation, and direct centrifugation of T-flasks using the new SORVALL culture flask adapters saves time and reduces contamination risks.
     Culture flask adapters for Legend T/RT centrifuges can be used to process the Nunc T-75 or Nunc T-25 EasYFlask™. During centrifugation, the T-75 flask adapter holds the flask at a 17° angle, while the T-25 adapter holds the flask at a 27° angle. Centrifuging flasks at an angle ensures that cells are pelleted tightly, allowing easy removal of supernatant without pellet disruption.

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