In a phase III, randomized controlled trial (RTOG 96-01), Decipher Prostate RP from Decipher Biosciences, San Diego, demonstrated the ability to accurately identify which prostate cancer patients with recurrent disease benefit most from antiandrogen hormonal therapy.1

Hormone therapy is often administered in combination with radiotherapy as a treatment for men with localized prostate cancer who experience disease recurrence following surgical removal of their prostate. To determine the efficacy of hormonal therapy in this setting, the RTOG 96-01 trial investigated treatment of patients with radiotherapy alone versus combined radiation and hormonal therapy, with a 12-year follow-up.

Upon completion of RTOG 96-01, Decipher Prostate RP genomic risk assessment of trial participants demonstrated that patients with Decipher high-risk scores received greater benefit from hormonal therapy than those with Decipher low-risk scores. The study also validated Decipher Prostate RP as the most accurate predictor of metastasis, prostate cancer-specific survival, and overall survival in the context of a prospective, randomized controlled trial.

“Identifying which patients with recurrent disease are most likely to benefit from hormonal therapy will improve our ability to extend patient survival, while minimizing unnecessary toxicity for a large group of men with prostate cancer,” says Felix Feng, MD, vice chair of radiation oncology at the University of California, San Francisco. “Decipher Prostate RP improves upon clinical and pathological risk stratification methods and informs the use of hormonal therapy, making it a reasonable and recommended component of the prostate cancer standard of care.”

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1. Zhu J. Transcriptome profiling of NRG oncology/RTOG 9601: validation of a prognostic genomic classifier in salvage radiotherapy prostate cancer patients from a prospective randomized trial [online summary of presentation by Feng FY, at the ASCO Genitourinary Cancer Symposium, San Francisco, February 13–15, 2020]. UroToday. Available at Accessed April 17, 2020.

Featured image: Photo © Korrawin Khanta, courtesy Dreamstime (ID 125814902).