CombiMatrix Buccal Swab 1_640CombiMatrix Corp, Irvine, Calif, is set to release a buccal swab DNA collection system for its CombiSNP microarray test for pediatric analysis.

Providing a painless alternative to blood draws, the system uses a cheek swab to collect samples from neonates and pediatric patients more easily and comfortably.

“Because of our high-touch, service-oriented business model, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our offering to physicians and their patients,” says Mark McDonough, president and CEO of CombiMatrix. “The buccal swab DNA collection system is particularly helpful to those physicians who do not have in-house phlebotomy services, and must send their patients to a phlebotomy center. Now, the patient’s DNA can be collected in the physician’s office without the need for a blood draw.”

Photo McDonough Mark_640

Mark McDonough, president and CEO of CombiMatrix

Another benefit is the potential for time savings on behalf of the patient, McDonough says. “We are excited about offering this option and believe that it will open up new testing avenues for office-based physicians who see patients that require microarray testing,” he continues. “This is largely an untapped market for us until now.”

Sample collection entails a simple swab of both cheeks, capping the tube, and then inverting it to mix the DNA with a special preservative solution. Samples are then sent to the company’s testing laboratory in Irvine, Calif, where the DNA is extracted and run on the same test platform used for blood samples.

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