In a presentation at the recent Precision Medicine World Conference, Sam Salman, cofounder and CEO of miR Scientific, New York, outlined the company’s approach to creating a new precision medicine paradigm with its Sentinel disease management platform.

Sam Salman, miR Scientific.

Sam Salman, miR Scientific.

The platform provides a foundation for the use of highly optimized applications and tools that can provide patients and healthcare providers with an unprecedented level of information, potentially allowing for more accurate, precise, and effective treatment of cancer. As part of the platform, the tools can be used independently to manage a specific stage of disease, such as surveillance, or in combination to create an integrated pathway incorporating multiple disease stages.

Salman provided additional details about the platform, demonstrating its potential to detect, score, and monitor urologic cancers along the continuum of care, and to help optimize the deployment of healthcare resources worldwide.

The platform features proprietary, noninvasive liquid biopsy urine tests that detect urological cancers with high accuracy, and also provide information about their severity, aggressiveness, and progression. The platform incorporates the company’s Scientific Sentinel PCa test for prostate cancer and similar liquid biopsy tests for bladder cancer—the company’s Scientific Sentinel BCa test for detecting bladder cancer and Scientific Sentinel BCR test for identifying recurrent bladder cancer. Additional capabilities of the Sentinel disease management platform will be announced in 2020.

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