Laboratory Corp. of America has released a new oncology panel for its next generation sequencing platform. The IntelliGEN assay assesses approximately 2600 mutations within 50 oncogenes/tumor suppressor genes, increasing sensitivity and detection rates for somatic mutations in cancer. The company may be hoping the assay reverses its fortunes after a lackluster 2014 guidance report.

As cancer therapies increasingly shift toward biologic therapeutics to attack genomic alterations in cancers, the market has required improved genomic testing to first identify the alterations in smaller and smaller samples. The NGS platform provides tests to find these somatic mutations where they exist. The panel also comprises several well-established biomarkers. The tool may assist in clinical settings in which guideline-recommended biomarker evaluation yields no targeted therapeutic option, following cancer relapse, when the tumor is poorly differentiated and of uncertain origin, or when there is limited tissue available for guideline-recommended biomarker evaluation.

“Integrated Oncology’s IntelliGEN assay provides an assessment of targetable mutations within a panel profile of 50 cancer genes known to be involved in the development, progression and treatment of cancers,” stated Mark Brecher, M.D., LabCorp’s chief medical officer. “LabCorp continues to introduce new tests and technologies to give healthcare providers the actionable information necessary for making appropriate diagnosis and treatment decisions.”

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