Qiagen_ILLU_0547_GeneReadQiagen, Valencia, Calif, has introduced 14 new GeneRead DNAseq V2 gene panels targeting an extensive range of cancer-related genes or gene regions. Gene panels are an integral part of many next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows and are used to enrich genes of interest in a sample prior to sequencing runs. The GeneRead panels are customizable to include other genes or gene regions of clinical or biological interest and are compatible with any NGS sequencer. The panels include “focused” panels each targeting 8–25 genes, “disease-specific” panels for 40–50 genes, and “comprehensive” panels for up to 160 genes. They are integrated with Qiagen’s Ingenuity Variant Analysis bioinformatics software, a curated database of gene variants and clinical data that enables interpretation of NGS results and sequencing data. Laboratories can customize GeneRead panels for specific disease pathways or research needs via GeneGlobe, an online portal of more than 60,000 annotated molecular assays. For more information, visit Qiagen.