Qiagen, Hilden, Germany, has introduced more than 170 new QiaSeq targeted RNA panels for gene expression profiling, expanding the company’s portfolio of sample-to-insight solutions for next-generation sequencing (NGS). The panels enable researchers to select from more than 20,000 human genes and long noncoding RNA transcripts (lncRNAs) to survey expression fold changes and discover interactions among genes, cellular phenotypes, and disease processes. Using innovative molecular barcode technology and built-in control assays, the panels enable efficient RNA sequencing using any NGS system. Data analysis and insights are integrated with comprehensive analysis modules that require no bioinformatics expertise.?The panels cover an extensive range of disease- and signaling pathway-focused genes, with each panel targeting 100 to 500 genes. The content is based on the latest recommendations from relevant medical and scientific literature. Panels can also be customized to include other genes of clinical and biological interest, with flexibility to analyze from 12 to 1,000 genes simultaneously.?For more information, visit Qiagen.