Bio-Rad Laboratories, a global provider in life science research and clinical diagnostic products, has developed partnerships with next-generation sequencing (NGS) instrument providers and announced compatibility of the SEQuoia RNA Sequencing Library Preparation portfolio on new sequencers, including the Singular Genomics G4 System.

According to Bio-Rad, recent compatibility studies show that the SEQuoia Complete Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit and the SEQuoia Express Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit offer unbiased transcriptome profiling during RNA sequencing by capturing a broad range of RNA subtypes in a single workflow—whether working with low or high input RNA—when used with the Singular Genomics G4 System and other sequencing systems.

The SEQuoia Express Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit offers the additional benefit of a highly efficient three-tube, 3-hour workflow for detection of long RNAs when used on the G4 System and other sequencing systems, the company says.

“We’re very enthusiastic about the partnership with Bio-Rad. The combination of the G4 Sequencing Platform and SEQuoia RNA library preparation provides end users an unmatched combination of speed, flexibility, and accuracy,” says Jorge Velarde, senior VP of Corporate Development and Strategy at Singular Genomics.

Steven Blakely, senior director for the Gene Expression Business, Bio-Rad, added, “Expanding access to leading technologies in RNA sequencing requires RNA library preparation chemistries that offer the highest-quality sequencing outcomes. These partnerships will ensure that our customers can use new platforms in a plug-and-play format and readily obtain high-performing data/ We will continue to seek out other providers of RNA sequencing technologies to investigate further synergies with SEQuoia workflows.”