Illumina, San Diego, has launched Illumina Connected Analytics (ICA). This new and integrated bioinformatics solution provides a comprehensive, private, cloud-based data platform that empowers customers to manage, analyze, and explore large volumes of multi-omic data in a secure, scalable, and flexible environment.

“Illumina Connected Analytics has appeared at a critical time for our research group—just as our analysis needs have started exceeding our existing capability,” says Dan Spiegelman from Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital in Canada. “The scalability of the joint genotyping tools has enabled us to perform analyses larger than any we have attempted before, in a surprisingly short timeframe. This platform not only meets our current needs but will allow us room to grow our analyses to petabase scale.”

Accessible through a web portal or through a rich set of APIs, ICA reduces the extra work and possible human-error associated with combining multiple datasets, through a direct sequencer-to-platform transfer of data onto the private Illumina cloud. With security and compliance at the core, the data is able to be seen, read, automatically processed, analyzed and shared securely. Optimized for high-throughput, ICA also supports the complex storage, aggregation, and querying of multi-omic sequencing and array data from around the world.

“In our mission to understand Leukemia and bring those benefits to patients, we need a solution that provides security, privacy, scalability, speed, and cost effectiveness for our workflows,” says Niroshan Nadarajah, head of bioinformatics at the Munich Leukemia Laboratory in Munich, Germany. “Illumina Connected Analytics enables us to meet those goals by shifting our informatics to the cloud—positioning us for further collaboration and growth as we push the boundaries of advanced diagnostics.”

Harnessing the technology brought from the 2020 acquisition of BlueBee, ICA gives users the flexibility to run custom analyses and access industry leading options, including award-winning Illumina informatics solutions, such as the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform. Designed for the unprecedented scale in the next decade of sequencing, ICA provides customers the ability to manage the vast amount of genomic data being generated on an installed base of more than 17,000 sequencing systems today and into the future.

“The launch of Illumina Connected Analytics honors our steadfast commitment to empowering customers with their data insights by delivering a secure data exchange private cloud designed for genomics,” says Susan Tousi, chief product officer at Illumina. “Coupled with some of the best data science, machine learning, and tertiary analysis tools that will be provided on the platform, this software will enable our customers to truly explore their data, discover insights and unlock the power of the genome.”

Illumina Connected Analytics will be available on January 28, 2021. 

For more information, visit Illumina.