Quantgene, a Santa Monica, Calif.- and Berlin, Germany-based biotechnology, cloud, and AI company, has demonstrated the most precise gene sequencing yet published in the industry, as shown in the February issue of GENES, a leading scientific journal in medical genomics. 

“Precision Genomics is changing medicine, but is held back by a lack of fast, accurate, and easily accessible technologies,” explains Jo Bhakdi, CEO of Quantgene. “The protection of human life depends on advancing precision genomics today and we are excited to open a new chapter in genomic testing and less invasive cancer screening.”

By combining new chemistry with large-scale cloud processing, mathematically improved error reduction, and statistically optimized genomic mapping, DeepGen was able to reduce error rates on Illumina NovaSeq platforms hundreds of times, signaling an innovative approach ahead for cancer testing. Quantgene’s newest innovation is an important milestone in evidence-based healthcare and precision medicine.

In its peer-reviewed publication, Quantgene’s DeepGen technology was extensively investigated through a series of technical validations. The publication showed that the system detects somatic variants on DNA fragments with an accuracy exceeding 1 in 1,000 fragments with high repeatability and very low false-positive results. Previously, this level of accuracy had only been demonstrated in a peer-reviewed manner for systems that investigate very small numbers of genomic locations. DeepGen’s technology covers close to 70,000 locations and includes a wide range of FDA-approved cancer targets.

Quantgene’s results signify a significant step forward in the detection of cancer signals in the blood using liquid biopsy and next-generation sequencing technology. Liquid biopsy has promising clinical utility as a less invasive and more accurate methodology for identifying multiple types of cancer. And it can be used to aid physicians in early cancer detection, companion diagnostics, and minimum residual disease in oncology. 

“This is a crucial milestone in precision medicine. By achieving single-molecule sequencing precision, Quantgene provides the industry with a more powerful tool to detect cancer and other dangerous diseases earlier than ever before,” says Bhakdi.