One-step urine tests

TOX/See™ from Bio-Rad, Hercules, Calif, is a one-step, handheld, point-of-care test device for the qualitative detection of 14 drugs or drug metabolites in human urine. Tests are available for the detection of amphetamine (1,000 ng/mL), barbiturates (300 ng/mL), benzodiazepines (300 ng/mL), uprenorphine (10 ng/mL), cocaine (300 ng/mL), ecstasy (500 ng/mL), methadone (300 ng/mL), methamphetamine (1,000 ng/mL), opiates (300 ng/mL and 2,000 ng/mL), oxycodone (100 ng/mL), phencyclidine (25 ng/mL), propoxyphene (300 ng/mL), THC (50 ng/mL), and tricyclic antidepressants (1,000 ng/mL). Twenty-eight different test combinations are available from single drugs to 10 drugs. The brand’s product portfolio includes specific tests for emerging drugs of abuse.

(800) 224-6723

Urinalysis Control

No refrigeration required for 1 year

The Urinalysis Control from Thermo Fisher Scientific, East Providence, RI, is a ready-to-use liquid control requiring no dilution or reconstitution that works with most major brands of urine dipsticks as well as automated strip readers. The control is packaged in two levels, 2 x 25 mL each level per kit. Level 1 is an Abnormal control, and Level 2 is a Normal control with hCG and microalbumin. The control can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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S40 Clinical Analyzer

In vitro diagnostic testing

The product of a partnership between Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies, West Caldwell, NJ, and Hitachi Ltd, Tokyo, the Alfa S40™ Clinical Analyzer is an automated, compact benchtop analyzer that provides in vitro diagnostic testing. Designed to provide quick and accurate results, the S40 allows physicians to make clinical decisions and discuss treatment options with patients in a single visit. The instrument is capable of analyzing different sample types, and its discreet, random-access operation allows labs to run individual tests or panels. With its single-use, self-contained reagent cartridges, medical waste is safely sealed.

Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies
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GEM Premier 4000 Critical Care Analyzer

Provides lab-quality results

The GEM Premier 4000 analyzer with integrated CO-Oximetry from Instrumentation Laboratory, Lexington, Mass, provides consistent, lab-quality results. This point-of-care analyzer utilizes touch-screen displays allowing users to select and customize parameters. Self-contained cartridges incorporate all components for patient testing and are maintenance-free. iQM® automates quality control and continuously detects, corrects, and documents to ensure quality results and compliance, regardless of operator or testing location. Remote access to any networked analyzer for real-time status updates and supervision of remote locations is available with included GEMweb® Plus software.

Instrumentation Laboratory
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Handheld Base Unit

For use with the CoaguChek XS Plus

The new Handheld Base Unit for the CoaguChek® XS Plus system from Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, provides connectivity between the anticoagulation meter and the RALS®-Plus data management system, and enables hospital networks to easily capture, access, and manage essential patient, operator, and quality data for PT/INR (clotting time) testing at the point of care. When the CoaguChek XS Plus System is docked in the optional Handheld Base Unit, it transfers data to the RALS-Plus system through the hospital’s information network. The bidirectional data-transfer capability allows POC coordinators or other staff to configure individual meter settings from a central location. It also gives them convenient control and management of quality and safety features like operator lockout and quality control lockouts.

Roche Diagnostics
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Clearview hCG Combo II

Single-step pregnancy test

Inverness Medical, Princeton, NJ, offers Clearview® hCG Combo II, a one-step point-of-care test for the early detection of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The test uses patented technology to provide highly sensitive and specific results for pregnancy from either urine or serum samples. CLIA-waived (for urine), the test is easy to use and includes built-in controls that ensure accuracy. Positive results can be detected in as little as 1 minute.

Inverness Medical
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Handheld Device

Used with test kits

The handheld device from Alverix Inc, San Jose, Calif, combines advances in optoelectronics and processing algorithms in a portable format with the accuracy and precision of lab instrumentation, for use when immediate results are critical to patient care. Its features detect and quantitate a variety of sample types; deliver improvements in sensitivity; produce automated, objective results; simultaneously measure multiple test assays; read bar codes; and provide data-link connectivity. The device enables tests to be moved from the central lab to patient care locations without sacrificing the quality of test results. Customization is available to meet specific detection and measurement needs.

Alverix Inc
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StatStrip Glucose Monitoring System

For point of care

The Nova StatStrip™ point-of-care glucose monitor from Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, incorporates a patented new strip technology that uses four measuring wells. Nova’s Multi-Well™ system measures and corrects hematocrit interference and interferences from acetaminophen (Tylenol), uric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), maltose, galactose, xylose, and lactose. The system helps eliminate oxygen interference to provide glucose results regardless of the sample’s oxygen status. A 6-second analysis time, 1.2-microliter sample size, and color touch-screen operation aid in bedside glucose testing for point-of-care staff. It requires no calibration codes, eliminating an operator step and helping to prevent a potential input error. Instrument Manager software provides management, control, and regulatory compliance, and allows the system to be customized to the needs of each department within the hospital.

Nova Biomedical
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