NeuroMetrix_DPNCheck Hand Held_6000x6605 400The NC-stat DPNCheck from NeuroMetrix, Waltham, Mass, is a rapid, quantitative point-of-care test designed to detect diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) at an early stage, allowing physicians to select appropriate treatment. DPN is the most common complication of diabetes, affecting over half of people with the disease and leading to pain and increased risk of falls for the elderly. The disorder is also the primary trigger for diabetic foot ulcers, which may require lower extremity amputations. The NC-stat DPNCheck is FDA-cleared and measures sural nerve conduction velocity and response amplitude, standard biomarkers for asymptomatic and clinical peripheral neuropathies. The compact and ergonomic hand-held device is designed for ease of use and offers straightforward clinical interpretation. For more information, visit NeuroMetrix.