Awareness Tech CHEMWELL T 300dpiAutomated Chemistry and Turbidimetric Analyzer
With optional ion-selective electrolyte capabilities
The ChemWell T from Awareness Technology Inc, Palm City, Fla, is a programmable, open-system chemistry analyzer capable of running biochemistry and turbidimetric tests. Designed and built in the United States, the system has a standard reagent and sample rack that holds a combined 35 positions. Reactions take place in eight strips of five cuvettes for a total of 40 reactions. Features include a built-in mixer and agitator that utilizes a liquid-sensing probe and dispenser. The analyzer also offers liquid handling in quantities from 2 µL to 450 µL, with settings in increments of 0.5 µL. With addition of the optional ion-selective electrolyte module, the system performs automated ISE testing for the quantitative detection of Cl-, K+, and Na+, providing laboratories with increased flexibility in the tests they offer.
Awareness Technology Inc
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Dual-Modality Biochemistry and EIA Microplate Analyzer
Software stores configurations for an unlimited number of tests
Awareness Tech ChemWell 2910The ChemWell 2910 from Awareness Technology Inc, Palm City, Fla, is a programmable, open-system, dual-modality microplate analyzer capable of running biochemistry or enzyme immunoassays on the same instrument. The sample rack will accommodate 96 serum vials or 12 mm x 75 mm tubes. Reagent racks hold 27 to 44 bottles, with optional custom racks available, and reactions take place in standard 96-well microplates or strip trays. The system integrates an eight-probe manifold wash-head with built-in mixer and agitator. It also features liquid handling in quantities from 2 µL to 1.95 µL with precision better than 2% CV and optical performance using long-life ion-assisted deposition filters.
Awareness Technology Inc
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Integrated Urine Chemistry and Sediment Analyzer
Processes up to 200 chemistry tests per hour
ARKRAY_AutionHybridAU-4050The fully automated Arkray Aution Hybrid AU-4050 analyzer system from US Arkray Inc, Edina, Minn, integrates proven urine chemistry and flow cytometry technology into the smallest space-saving footprint in the market. Processing up to 200 chemistry tests per hour, the system provides a high level of bacteria detection while standardizing workflow and reducing tech-to-tech subjectivity. The unit is designed for a high capacity with minimal operator intervention for true walk-away capabilities. It also streamlines urinalysis testing with automatic reflex testing, no manual dilutions, and minimal maintenance. Allowing for easy training and competency retention, the system is user-friendly and designed to provide high-quality results and improved bacteria detection for better patient outcomes.
US Arkray Inc
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Modular Analyzer Series
Available in 49 configurations
Roche_cobas 8000 high resThe Cobas 8000 analyzer series from Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, is designed for high-workload laboratories, delivering a maximum throughput of up to 9,800 tests per hour. Module sample buffers enable fast indexing of each rack, while 9-minute immunoassay stat applications ensure rapid availability of all patient results. The Cobas c pack large cassettes include radio frequency identification technology that allows rapid reagent registration. Available in 49 unique configurations, the series offers large onboard sample and reagent capacity. An Auto QC concept allows for processing of quality controls without user intervention and helps maximize walk-away time.
Roche Diagnostics
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Integrated Analyzer Series
166 tests on 1 platform
Roche_cobas 6000 ceThe Cobas 6000 analyzer series from Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, adapts to laboratory workloads with seven possible configurations. The system consolidates 166 tests on one integrated platform, combining stat with routine testing and offering both preanalytical and postanalytical solutions. Liquid, ready-to-use reagents are standardized across the Cobas family of analyzers and eliminate error involved with human mixing of reagents. Immunoassay tests using electrochemiluminscence technology offer a broad measuring range and low-end sensitivity, reducing the need for dilutions and repeat testing. Sample and system integrity checks such as test-specific serum indices, disposable immunoassay tips and cups, and clot and liquid level detection help to ensure quality results.
Roche Diagnostics
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Automated Chemistry System
9,800 tests in one hour
Beckman_AU5800The AU5800 clinical chemistry system from Beckman Coulter, Brea, Calif, is equipped with random access capabilities and a throughput ranging from 2,000 to 9,800 tests per hour. Developed for high-volume core hospital laboratories and ultra-high-test volume commercial laboratory market segments, the system is available in one-module to four-module configurations with the option of including either a single or dual high-speed ion selective electrolyte flow cell for increased maximum throughput. It has connectivity with the company’s power processor to produce optimal integration with chemistry, immunoassay, and clinical information systems. It also features remote diagnostic ProService connectivity, allowing field service engineers to transfer, monitor, and analyze instrument data remotely. The system includes two stat priority ports, a rerun module for the automatic repeat of critical samples, and three transportation lanes for intelligent sample management.
Beckman Coulter
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Physician Office Lab Analyzer
Alfa Wasserman_AxcelEfficient in-house chemistry testing
The ACE Axcel clinical chemistry analyzer from Alfa?Wassermann, West Caldwell, NJ, is FDA-cleared specifically for use in physician office laboratories. Designed to ?assist physicians in quickly diagnosing and effectively?monitoring patients, the system also delivers a reliable?revenue stream for business and streamlines procedures for?laboratory personnel. Enabled with touch screen functionality, Internet connectivity, and an intuitive user interface, the analyzer can diagnose and manage diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, anemia, and other conditions. In addition to a small footprint, the system offers single or panel testing, liquid-ready reagents, and requires no dedicated water system, specialized plumbing, or waste connections.
Alfa Wassermann
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Continuous Use Chemistry System
Up to 2,400 tests per hour
ADVIA Chemistry XPTThe Advia Chemistry XPT system from Siemens Healthcare, Tarrytown, NY, is engineered for continuous operation and timely, accurate results. The system’s advanced user interface and VeriSmart technology support accurate testing for predictable, timely, and reliable results to meet laboratories’ expanding workloads. The system offers a comprehensive menu of 117 assays and supports up to 2,400 tests per hour. Microvolume technology reduces blood-draw requirements by using a single 30 ?L sample for up to 15 tests. Quick release of sample tubes allows parallel tube processing and rapid, predictable turnaround times, while aliquot retention enables automated, preprogrammable dilution, reflex, and rerun testing without calling back the sample.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
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Integrated Chemistry System
600 to 800 onboard samples
Siemens_H_DX_DimensionVista1500_AngleThe Dimension Vista 1500 integrated chemistry system from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, combines intelligent analytics with sample-centric design and the integration of four technologies, including LOCI advanced chemiluminescence. Available in flexible configurations to adapt to laboratory needs and featuring 166 onboard reagent slots, the system can process more than 100 assays at once, runs up to 2,000 tests per hour, and provides capacity for 600 to 800 onboard samples simultaneously. The Dimension Vista 1500 integrates high-sensitivity immunoassays with a short turnaround time, including a 10-minute cardiac panel and a 16-minute third-generation thyroid-stimulating hormone test. Customer-driven engineering helps eliminate manual tasks, with features such as automated hands-off calibration and quality control, customizable QC and calibration auto-acceptance parameters, and continual monitoring of onboard inventory.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
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Critical Care Analyzer
Compact design for point-of-care testing
NovaBiomedical_PrimeThe Stat Profile Prime from Nova Biomedical, Waltham,?Mass, combines consumer microelectronics with proprietary?MicroSensor Card technology for a compact, fast, and cost-effective analyzer. A zero-maintenance cartridge system comprising individual cartridges for sensors, calibrators, and liquid QC?optimizes the life of each cartridge, improving analyzer uptime, eliminating? waste, and reducing the costs associated with combined cartridges. True liquid QC helps ensure lab accuracy and quality. In addition, supplemental quality monitoring tracks the status and performance of all analytical components, including sensors, reagents, calibrations, sample integrity, software, and electronics, providing real-time, sample-to-sample assurance of correct performance. The system’s full menu includes Cl, Glu, Hct, iCa, K, Lac, Na, PCO2, pH, and PO2 testing.
Nova Biomedical
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Comprehensive Critical Care Analyzer
Up to 20 tests within 2 minutes
NovaBiomedical_pHOxUltraBlueThe Stat Profile pHOx Ultra analyzer from Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, processes up to 20 critical care tests from one 210-mL sample within 2 minutes, delivering partial test panels in less than 1 minute. Measured tests include BUN/urea, Ca++, Cl-, COHb, creatinine, glucose, Hb, Hct, HHb, K+, lactate, MetHb, Mg++, Na+, O2Hb, PCO2, pH, PO2, SO2%, and tBil. The pHOx Ultra can be custom configured with as few as five tests according to the needs of each department. Up to 30 specific user-defined panels can be created for patient populations, such as pulmonary, surgical, pediatric, or emergency care. An updated interface uses graphic icons, color shading, and highlighting to guide users through the simple three-step operation.
Nova Biomedical
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High-Volume Clinical Analyzer
Up to 1,600 tests per hour
Carolina_Liquid_Chemistries_CLC6410The CLC6410 analyzer from Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Winston-Salem, NC, is a modular clinical chemistry analyzer for large laboratories with high-volume needs. A single module can run up to 1,600 tests per hour, while four modules can be joined together to achieve 6,400 tests per hour. An optional ion-selective electrode module processes up to 480 tests per hour. All configurations include a 300-sample loader and intuitive software that automates numerous operational and quality control procedures. The stat function provides quick access to samples. The CLC6410 also features technological advances that save time, water, and energy.
Carolina Liquid Chemistries
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