Wellness by Science, Miami, offers genomic-based plans to address obesity and type 2 diabetes. The company’s motivation is to enable the approximately one-third of humans at-risk for obesity or type 2 diabetes to reverse or prevent the diseases without the use of medication or surgery.

“Spearheading the charge to prevent or reverse obesity and type 2 diabetes, our main goal is to decrease or eliminate medication usage, including the need for insulin, through lifestyle changes based on genomic data,” says Harry Blustein III, founder and CEO of Wellness by Science. “Reversal of type 2 diabetes happens sooner than one can imagine. Moreover, we are not simply providing a DNA test; that is just the start. Our genomic-based personalized plans can change the health trajectory of a person’s life.”


Harry Blustein III, Wellness by Science.

Wellness by Science’s genomic-based plan uses a noninvasive, painless mouth swab or saliva sample to collect DNA for analysis using the Infinium global screening array kit by Illumina, San Diego. From this test, the company tailors the results to the user’s profile to build a personalized health plan monitored by a team of health providers and nutritionists. The genomic-based plan evolves with the user over approximately 12 months and includes review by a physician; wearable technology continuously monitored by the Wellness by Science team; two-way communication with medical, nutrition, and behavior experts via smartphone or computer connectivity; and access to a moderated social platform.

Insurance companies spend approximately $6,000 per year on healthcare services for the average individual with type 2 diabetes. According to Wellness by Science, their program’s average cost of $2,900 equates to a one-year return on investment of 52% for insurance companies. After successful completion of the plan by a covered individual, the insurance company would theoretically benefit from an average annual savings of $6,000 for the remainder of the individual’s coverage. For this reason, many employers, commercial insurance carriers, and government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, are embracing DNA tests, education, and genomic-based plans as preventive health tools. Wellness by Science works on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility for coverage, so payment is not made out-of-pocket.

“As obesity and type 2 diabetes have no restrictions on the individuals it chooses, Wellness by Science has no geographic restrictions on helping consumers,” adds Blustein.

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