Dolomite Bio, Royston, UK, a provider of high-throughput single-cell analysis instruments, and Partek Inc, St Louis, a developer of genomic data analysis software, are collaborating to combine Partek’s single-cell data analysis capabilities with Dolomite Bio’s microfluidic droplet-based single-cell instrumentation.

Single-cell data analysis enables researchers to gain useful insights into the diversity and state of individual cells in a given sample, which is fundamental for disease and immunity research. However, analyzing single-cell data presents challenges in the absence of advanced bioinformatics skills or in-house capabilities. The collaborators’ analysis pipeline within the Partek Flow analysis software will address these challenges by enabling researchers of all backgrounds to analyze data easily and gain unprecedented insights into the expression patterns of single cells, using data generated with Dolomite Bio’s Nadia instrument.

“Partek Flow is a powerful start-to-finish solution for analyzing genomic data that delivers the same tools used by bioinformaticians in an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface to make genomic data analysis accessible to all researchers,” says D. J. Meyer, chief operating officer at Partek. “Using its single-cell toolkit, we’re thrilled that Nadia users will be empowered to explore cell populations, as well as perform flexible differential expression and pathway analyses.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with Partek to offer our Nadia customers a single-cell data analysis solution,” says Heike Fiegler, vice president for biology products at Dolomite Bio. “With the data analysis expertise of Partek, Nadia users will now be able to effortlessly analyze their single-cell data without any prior bioinformatics knowledge.”

For further information, visit Dolomite Bio and Partek.