Cyrex Laboratories, Phoenix, has announced the availability of its latest test, the Array 12 pathogen-associated immune reactivity screen. The test examines latent pathogens in the body that may be eliciting an immune response, negatively affecting health long after exposure and acute infection have occurred.

Array 12 assesses the immune load from 29 bacterial, fungal, parasitic, stealth, and viral organism antigens that may be latent in the body. The test is able to identify well-known pathogenic antigens—such as the gingivitis bacteria that contributes to tooth decay, Penicillium used to make antibiotics, and Giardia parasites found in lakes and streams—to much lesser known pathogens such as the tick-transmitted Borrelia bacterium that causes lupus, and the Cryptosporidium parasite identified in instances of municipal water supply contamination.

“With the Array 12 screen, Cyrex is adding a key piece of the environmental triggers puzzle,” says Jean Bellin, president of Cyrex Laboratories. “This test offers physicians and patients . . . insight into the health of patients who may have fallen ill due to a pathogen encounter years prior to testing, or who may not have even experienced any symptoms and are unaware that any exposure occurred.”

Array 12 was developed with proprietary technology to look for IgG antibodies to pathogens that demonstrate immune reactivity long after initial symptoms or exposure occurred. It is not intended for use as a diagnostic tool to confirm acute infection.

For more information, visit Cyrex Laboratories.