BioImagene Inc, the leading provider of end-to-end digital pathology  solutions, today announced the availability of Companion Algorithms™ for colon cancer in their Virtuoso™ digital pathology software. 

BioImagene’s Companion Algorithms are specific to a biomarker and a tissue type. Therefore, pathologists are not faced with the challenges of customizing generic algorithms in order to make them work.
The new colon panel will assist in the quantitation of immunohistochemistry stains for four mismatch repair biomarkers. These biomarkers are MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 and PMS2. Approximately 10-15 percent of sporadic colon cancers exhibit microsatellite instability and recent studies suggest that testing for mismatch repair protein expression may provide prognostic and therapeutic information [Ward et al. J Pathol 2005; 207: 377–84].
Dr Bikash Sabata, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) said, “BioImagene’s iAnalytics™ platform allows us to rapidly develop and validate sophisticated Companion Algorithms. Virtuoso* is the only digital pathology software in the industry today to offer a complete breast, prostate and a colon panel.” BioImagene currently offers more than 100 Companion Algorithms, including the breast panel consisting of HER2, ER/PR and p53; Ki67 for brain, GI and prostate cancers; CD138 for multiple myeloma; and CD3/CD20 for lymphoma.
Dr Robert Monroe, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of BioImagene commented, “Our Companion Algorithms help pathologists move into the era of personalized medicine by providing quantitative information that can be used to support diagnoses, determine treatments or provide prognostic information. We have made tremendous progress and have significantly   expanded our offerings for various types of cancer, while understanding the importance of tissue- and biomarker-specific information. BioImagene’s focus on delivering this type of high-value information, across multiple types of cancer, is making us the digital pathology provider of choice in leading labs today.”

Source: BioImagene