Beacon Biomedical announced the availability of its BeScreened Colorectal Cancer (CRC) test at Any Lab Test Now locations across the nation. The test requires a single-tube blood-draw and measures three CRC related tumor associated proteins. With 94 percent accuracy, BeScreened detects CRC across all stages, combining results relationally into a simple and accurate “positive” or “negative” likelihood of CRC or precancerous polyps’ presence or absence.

Colorectal Cancer is the second deadliest and second most costly cancer in the United States. Of the 131 million men and women in the US who are eligible each year for CRC screening, a staggering 45 million do not participate. BeScreened is led by President, Jason McGrath, a colon cancer survivor. This novel laboratory developed test (LDT) was developed for average risk men and women aged 45 and older who prefer blood-based testing to other screening modalities such as fecal-based tests. The test is not intended to replace the colonoscopy, but rather serve as a more regular screen to identify the presence of early stage cancer to help prevent the more fatal and costly consequences of later stage cancer. Its availability across the country at Any Lab Test Now locations gives the consumer access like never before.

“The legacy modalities of screening for colorectal cancer are not getting the job done,” emphasizes McGrath. “Too many lives are unnecessarily lost to this devastating disease every year. I could have easily been lumped into this statistic. I’m one of the lucky ones. But as a country, we need to do better. We believe BeScreened paves a brighter future for CRC detection and will save lives in the process.”

“Any Lab Test Now is passionate about this innovative new screening for colon cancer,” explains Clarissa Bradstock, CEO of Any Lab Test Now, a direct access lab testing franchise with more than 215 locations nationwide. “Raising awareness about colon cancer holds special meaning for our company. We lost a member of our staff to this disease less than 10 years ago; she was only 46 when she was diagnosed. This test is a game changer. The benefit is that it helps you know if there is a problem and if so – it could lead to early treatment. We are very proud to now provide this test to our customers across the nation.” -Clarissa Bradstock, CEO of Any Lab Test Now

Beacon Biomedical developed the BeScreened-CRC test to drive improved compliance and early detection—which leads to survival rates of 90%, compared to just 14% if detected later. Noncompliant screeners account for 65% of CRC deaths and 75% of CRC treatment costs—$18BN annually as well as $20BN in lost productivity. Research shows that 84% of the population prefers blood testing to fecal testing, meaning BeScreened can significantly improve compliance, and ultimately save lives and tremendous costs.

“Beacon Biomedical’s mission is to provide the greatest access to CRC screening and to increase compliance in order to save lives. This partnership to offer BeScreened across the nation through Any Lab Test Now will help drive our mission to provide convenience and transparent, affordable pricing. Our goal is to make the biggest impact across individuals from all demographics and socioeconomic circumstances,” says McGrath.

Tests are available now, across the country at Any Lab Test Now location as well as online. Information can be found at