Digital Diagnostics, an artificial intelligence diagnostic health care company, announced its expansion into lab settings in the southeast region of the United States. The company’s flagship product, LumineticsCore formerly IDx-DR, is now available in nine Labcorp patient service centers (PSCs) in Alabama providing access to care for people with diabetes through the initial market launch of the De Novo FDA-cleared autonomous artificial intelligence diagnostic system. LumineticsCore is FDA cleared to detect diabetic retinopathy during a patient encounter by analyzing retinal images for signs of disease without the need for a specialist to interpret the images.

Digital Diagnostics says it is committed to creating artificial intelligence (AI) systems that are free of racial, ethnic, and other undesirable biases that also enhance the patient and provider experience by bringing high-quality AI diagnosis to the point-of-care. In collaboration with Labcorp, it has launched diabetic retinopathy exams at Labcorp PSCs in Alabama, improving access and reducing a gap in care for many patients and providers. Patients can visit one of the nine Labcorp PSC locations for other lab testing—like an A1c blood draw—and also take the LumineticsCore diabetic retinopathy exam in the same visit when ordered by their care provider.

“This strategic relationship with Labcorp to bring LumineticsCore to their patient service centers aligns with their mission to improve health and improve lives,” says Digital Diagnostics’ Co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer Seth Rainford. “Offering this important exam in locations that are easily accessible, coupled with our mission to work with the health care ecosystem, furthers our collective goal of improving patient outcomes.”

The LumineticsCore exam pairs autonomous AI with a laboratory service center setting. LumineticsCore will be integrated into Labcorp’s existing IT infrastructure without an additional technical lift. The eye exam, which is for people living with diabetes, is ordered by physicians through, and with results delivered to, their electronic medical record system similar to other Labcorp tests. This diabetic retina exam is tailored for those with diabetes to prevent visual loss and blindness but does not replace the 8-point eye exam.

“We are always seeking innovative ways to bring convenient care to our patients and providers,” says Lenny Monsour, senior vice president of Labcorp Diagnostic’s Southeast Division. “Working with Digital Diagnostics allows us to offer an expanded set of services to our patients, while empowering our providers with more ways to serve the health care needs of their local communities.”

The LumineticsCore test can be performed at one of the Labcorp PSCs listed below. After a provider places an order for the LumineticsCore exam, we recommend scheduling an appointment for “routine labwork” at either or via the Labcorp Patient portal for the exam. Additional laboratory tests can also be scheduled during the same visit.