Medial EarlySign, a company developing AI-based clinical predictive analytics, announced at the recent HIMSS Conference a new agreement with Roche, which will allow for EarlySign ColonFlag to be offered within the navify Algorithm Suite from Roche Diagnostics. 

ColonFlag is a computational clinical software model intended to help healthcare providers identify individuals at elevated risk for colon cancer who warrant further evaluation. Currently, leading healthcare organizations and health systems across the globe have deployed ColonFlag. In the United States, the ColonFlag algorithm is marketed as LGI-Flag, as an indication for lower gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

Adding ColonFlag to the navify portfolio of digital solutions builds on the development agreements between EarlySign and Roche to support the early detection of gastric and lung cancer. 

“The ambition of our collaborative ecosystem is to simplify and broaden access to clinical algorithms for better clinical decisions. This means a major step towards EarlySign’s mission of keeping people healthier for longer while also striving to reduce costs and improve care,” says Ori Geva, CEO and co-founder of EarlySign. “Our growing collaboration with Roche will give us the opportunity to put patients first by providing proven clinical algorithms that can be used by healthcare providers in every step of the patient journey, supporting better patient management.”

“We welcome ColonFlag to our digital ecosystem of medical algorithms where our goal is to strive for a more connected, secure, efficient and flexible healthcare system, where digital technologies unlock new possibilities for better care,” adds Cristin Hubbard, Global Head of Partnering at Roche Diagnostics. “With advanced digital solutions for informed personalized care, ColonFlag as part of the navify Algorithm Suite will support physicians to define and provide more targeted and better treatment options for patients.”