Uh-Oh Labs, a leading provider of health testing solutions, is rebranding to Scout, effective May 2, 2023. The new name, Scout, reflects the company’s expanded mission and focus on providing accurate health data and fast results to keep individuals and their families safe.

“At Scout, we are committed to developing best-in-class diagnostics, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw an opportunity to do more,” says Cameron Ball, CEO and co-founder of Scout. “Our new name represents our dedication to being a trusted partner for COVID testing and beyond, with plans to unveil new innovations in testing for other respiratory diseases and sexually transmitted infections later this year.” 

The Scout logo features a mark reminiscent of the company’s Scout Hub, the main instrument that reads, analyzes, and conducts health tests. It also symbolizes protection and accuracy through representations of a shield and a target, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing reliable and precise testing solutions.

Scout Logo

Scout has one product on the market already, the UOL COVID-19 Test, which is available to qualified customers who operate minimally under a CLIA-waiver. However, Scout’s focus includes the at-home and over-the-counter market, with products in development both for the point-of-care and over-the-counter (OTC) settings. The Scout at-home platform, currently under development, is being designed to enable affordable, quick, and accurate molecular testing options for everyone once authorized. Scout is currently accepting pre-registrations for COVID Scout, the upcoming OTC COVID product, on Scout’s new website, www.scouthealth.com.

Although Uh-Oh Labs has rebranded to Scout, Uh-Oh Labs’s point-of-care products will still be available on www.uhohlabs.com for qualified healthcare organizations and corporations to purchase. 

“We are thrilled to introduce Scout as our new brand name, which embodies our vision of being a reliable and innovative partner for health testing,” says Alex Jiao, president of Scout. “With our pending OTC COVID-19 Test—COVID Scout—and upcoming plans for other health tests and integrated services, we are excited to continue our commitment to accuracy, affordability, and accessibility for individuals and families.”

Photo: 213917694 © Ihar Halavach | Dreamstime.com