product The Instant-View® fecal occult blood tests are rapid lateral flow immunoassays that serve as an indicator of possible colorectal cancer. The immunochemical nature of the tests eliminates the need for dietary restrictions, thereby increasing accuracy and patient compliance over traditional guaiac-based tests.

The Instant-View FOB tests include a convenient specimen collection tube that allows the stool sample to remain hydrated and doubles as a sample applicator. The tests are available in two versions: FOB I and FOB II, each offering the same device, but different sample collection tubes. The FOB I test is more economical while the FOB II test offers advanced technology and a patented collection tube.

The tests are available in cassette or dip strip format and provide a clear visual result in 5–10 minutes. The Instant-View FOB tests are made in the United States and are FDA 510(k) cleared for professional use and CE certified for sale in the European Union.

Additionally, Medicare recently announced that beneficiaries can now be tested with screening immunoassay fecal occult blood tests with a reimbursement of $18.56.

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