Physicians can now order Biocept’s liquid biopsy-based Target Selector NGS Lung Panel test directly from Quest Diagnostics, which aids genomic profiling in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Developed by Biocept, Inc.—a provider of molecular diagnostic assays, products and services—the lab-developed liquid biopsy test combines biomarker testing expertise along with sequencing and decision support resources, helping physicians identify potential targeted therapies and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Biocept’s multi-gene, tumor-specific NGS Lung Panel allows physicians and researchers to use a simple blood sample to analyze actionable biomarkers associated with specific solid tumor types.

The biomarkers included in the Target Selector NGS Lung Panel are those that physicians frequently rely upon when making treatment decisions for their patients diagnosed with NSCLC.

Healthcare providers may perform genomic profiling of tissue to aid their selection and response monitoring of gene-targeted NSCLC therapies.

With a physician’s order, individuals are now able to provide a blood specimen for testing at one of Quest’s patient service centers.

However, patients are not always able to have a tissue biopsy, which can take weeks to produce a result and may be limited by the quality and quantity of tissue that can be collected. Liquid biopsies identify genetic material from tumor cells that are shed and circulate in the blood stream, complementing insights from tissue biopsies and reducing dependence on tissue.  

“By providing Biocept’s Target Selector NGS Lung Panel test under our advanced diagnostics portfolio, Quest will enable more physicians and patients to receive insights necessary to provide the appropriate treatment for NSCLC,” says Kristie Dolan, general manager, Oncology Franchise, Quest Diagnostics.