Crumlin, Ireland — Randox Laboratories has announced the launch of its Lab Tests blog, whose purpose is to provide a valuable resource for laboratory professionals to learn more about new innovations and current, relevant research and industry news within laboratory diagnostics.

With laboratory diagnostics being perhaps the most important element of patient assessment that not only covers the diagnosis of human conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and more, but is also of paramount importance within the fields of drug residue testing, toxicology, veterinary care and the pharmaceutical industry, Randox is offering its Lab Tests blog as a forum to stay updated on industry news within these fields.

"We know how hectic the daily workload of a laboratory technician or manager can be. Lab Tests Blog provides the latest industry news, new product developments, useful tips and articles on improving laboratory efficiency, saving costs, quality control and so on, as well as interesting market news," Randox says.

It can be accessed at

SOURCE: Randox Laboratories