Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC) has entered into an exclusive 5-year laboratory services agreement (LSA) with Provista Diagnostics Inc (Provista).

Under the terms of the LSA, Provista will have the exclusive rights in the US to develop and market CLIA laboratory developed tests (LDTs) for cancer screening purposes using RPC’s proprietary polyclonal antibodies for fibrin and fibrinogen degradation products (FDP).

The LSA provides for both minimum quarterly antibody purchases from RPC and for RPC to share in the net proceeds from the sale of any LDTs that are developed by Provista from RPC’s proprietary FDP antibodies.

Provista CEO William Gartner commented, "We have already successfully brought one cancer screening test to the market called the BT Test, which is a highly accurate blood test for the detection of breast cancer in women. Under our agreement with RPC we will actively pursue the development of new cancer screening and detection assays using RPC’s proprietary FDP antibodies." According to Gartner this also includes accelerating the market introduction of a very sensitive FDP-derived CLIA laboratory developed test for lung cancer screening.

Source: Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation